GP Appointments

Dalkeith Medial Practice operates a “hybrid” appointment system.  All requests for a same day appointment will by triaged by a GP; if you need to see a GP on the same day please phone from 8am.  Once these appointments are full and if you feel the problem is a medical emergency you will be offered the opportunity to speak to the Emergency Doctor.

Pre-booked appointments are available with all GPs, these are booked between 1 and 4 weeks in advance and can be made with the GP of your choice.  Please try to phone after 1pm to book these appointments as the phone lines are very busy in the morning.  New pre-bookable appointments are added every day so if you are unable to get a suitable appointment please try phoning the following day.

Urgent Appointments

If you have an urgent problem, you will be able to speak a doctor on the telephone that day but it may not be your usual doctor. Urgent appointments are mainly intended for new problems that have recently arisen and you feel you need to be seen urgently. These appointments are shorter and we will only have time to deal with your urgent problem.  You may be asked to come back for a routine appointment if the problem is not thought to be appropriately urgent.

Nurse Practitioners

The practice employs 2 advanced nurse practitioners who are able to deal with most acute illness and some chronic disease reviews.  Appointments with the nurse practitioners can be booked in advance, they also provide on the day appointments for acute illness.  Please see the “Who to see?” page for details of the types of problems the nurse practitioners are able to deal with.

Practice Nurses/Health Care Assistants

Practice nurse appointments and health care assistant appointments are bookable in advance.  Please see the “Who to see?” page for details of which professional to see.

Receptionists need to ask you questions

The Receptionist will ask you a few questions: ie the nature of the problem, any indication of urgency and the telephone number on which the GP can call you back.  The information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.  You do not have to tell the Receptionist, but it is very helpful to the Doctor who will be calling you back on the telephone.  Please provide the Receptionist with a contact number and please note the Doctor will only try to call you back once, so please be available to take the call.

Please collect a patient information leaflet from Reception about the changes to our appointment system.