Complaints Policy

Although we endeavour to give the best possible service there may be times when you feel you have received less than this.

If you have a suggestion on how we might improve our services then please use a slip available in the Waiting Room and place in the box provided.  We will review the suggestion and feedback our response by placing a notice on the suggestions notice board, again in the Waiting Room.

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from either the Doctors, or any of the staff working in the Practice, please let us know.  We operate a Practice complaints procedure that meets national criteria and is part of an NHS system for dealing with complaints.  Our Practice Complaints Leaflet gives full details of the procedure and can be obtained from Reception.  You can also write in with a complaint addressed to the Practice Manager without having to pick up the Practice Complaints Leaflet.

Likewise, if you feel we have provided a good service and you would like to tell us, then we would appreciate you doing this.