How to Register

New Patients

Unfortunately, as of 7 April 2014, until further notice, we will not be registering new patients.

This is due to a rise in our Practice population over several years where we are now unable to provide the standard of service we wish for our patients.

The only exceptions to this decision are as follows:-

– babies born to mothers who are already registered with Dalkeith Medical Practice;
– dependent relatives living at the same address as patients who are already registered with Dalkeith Medical Practice;

We have not taken this decision lightly, but can see no other way of managing the demand we are currently facing.

We will be reviewing our decision on a regular basis and apologise for any inconvenience our decision may cause.

If you would like to discuss this or any other issue concerning the service we deliver, please contact our Practice Manager, Michelle Lyall.

To receive assistance to allow you to register with a GP Practice, please contact:-

Practitioner Services – Tel: 0131 275 7076 or see NHS Inform Website:


To register with the Practice you must live within the Practice boundary.  When making application to register you will be asked to provide the following documentation.  This documentation is required for each family member registering.

Essential Documents Required:

1.  NHS medical card (1st choice and alternative to photo ID applicable to UK resident only)

2.  Birth Certificate*

3.  Photographic ID* (passport, ID card or driving licence only)

4.  Proof of addresss* (ie mortgage/rental agreement, utility bill within last six months, bank statement, current employment documents).

If, for any reason, you are unable to provide proof of address then two out of three items marked* must be provided and one must be photographic (passport, ID card or driving licence only).

If you have come from abroad additional documentation is required.  Separate information is available regarding the above – please ask if required.  Subsequent to the above you will be asked to complete two forms and a health questionnaire and offered an appointment with a Healthcare Assistant.

If you are to be registered you will be registered as a patient with Dalkeith Medical Practice, however, you can choose which doctor you wish to consult with.  It is Practice policy to allow patients to choose the doctor they wish to see, although please note this may not always be possible if the doctor is away and, on occasions, Locum doctors may also be working in the Practice.